Shallaki Juice for Joint Wellness (500ml)
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Shallaki Juice for Joint Wellness (500ml)

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Shallaki, having the Latin name Boswellia serrata, is a prominent herb that has long been used to get rid of many chronic...

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Shallaki, having the Latin name Boswellia serrata, is a prominent herb that has long been used to get rid of many chronic inflammatory problems associated with bones and joints. It is also known by the name of Salai Guggul, it contains Boswellic acid which has numerous powerful natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in reducing inflammation and can be useful for joint pains, Asthma and inflammatory bowel disease.

Apart from joint care, Shallaki is also useful in respiratory disorders. Researchers have seen that its extract inhibits characteristics that increase vascular permeability and improve blood supply. It has also been observed that Shallaki normalizes the function of lungs and strengthens immune system and thus initiates reduction in the symptoms of asthma. It also has been recommended for getting relief from back pain and skeletal muscular pain as well. As a dietary supplement, it improves digestion by helping in better absorption of food.

Its use in cough, Asthma, blood in stool, pain in region of bladder etc has made this herb multi-functional. Having in numerous benefits, Shallaki has proven to relieve pain and inflammation. Joint pain is one of the most common ailments worldwide. Shallaki juice is known for its relieving effects in joint pains. Shallaki gently cares for joints and supports normal functioning of the joints. This juice for joint and muscle pain supports normal flexibility of the body thus offers normal and comfortable range of movement. It does not cause gastric discomfort, ulcers of other side effects. Shallaki capsules provide an overall sense of well-being.

This ayurvedic medicine for joint pain could also play an important role in treating bronchial asthma. It has shown the positive immune-balancing properties that can help the overreaction to environmental allergens that happen in asthma.



It enhances the ability of the body to naturally heal external wounds and bruises, as well as internal wounds like hemorrhage.

Joint pain juice is traditionally used to provide gentle care for joints.

Shallaki is a safe herb that has excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

It reduces leucotrienes which causes contraction of bronchial muscles, thus reducing the severity and onset of asthma and other bronchial inflammatory diseases. This is the best juice for joint inflammation which is effective in reducing symptoms of cough.

 It promotes normal and comfortable menstruation, clears congestion in the uterus, and enhances circulation in reproductive organs.

Shallaki ayurvedic medicine reduces damage and destruction of connective tissues. This aids in maintaining healthy skin and preventing onset of wrinkles.

It is considered to act in a number of ways to inhibit cancer growth. It prevents some enzymes from acting upon genetic material. It has ability to combat advanced breast cancer cells, and may limit the spread of malignant leukemia. It is also considered to be effective against pancreatic cancer cells.

Shallaki has potent anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents swelling at joints, and prevents breakdown of cartilage, and is thus an effective remedy against joint pains.


Take 15ml- 30ml two times a day after meal or as directed by physician.

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