Acidos Syrup- Best Digestive Care
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Acidos Syrup- Best Digestive Care

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Are you affected by problem of acidity, heartburn or constipation? Kudos Ayurveda has the answer for all your problems. Traditionally...

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Are you affected by problem of acidity, heartburn or constipation? Kudos Ayurveda has the answer for all your problems. Traditionally being used to relieve hyper-acidity and heart-burn, Acidos Syrup is best ayurvedic medicine for hyper acidity.  

The most common disease seen in the society is Acidity with which everybody seems affected. Acidity has become a common problem among children and adults alike due to their eating habits. Acidity is mainly caused due to excess production of acid in the stomach by the gastric glands. The reasons responsible for acid production can be stress, unhealthy eating habits, consuming extremely spicy food or junk foods, skipping meals sometimes and many other reasons. In some cases, consuming beverages like tea and coffee can trouble with excessive gas and acidity. Frequent smoking and consumption of alcohol are also the reasons for hyper acidity. This all causes frequent burping, burning sensation and pain in stomach, prolonged sour taste in mouth, severe constipation and many other issues.

People who are unable to get rid of acidity, they face problems like pimples, skin diseases, insomnia, heartburn, stomatitis, motion sickness etc. As per Ayurveda, individuals with imbalanced Pita Dosha are more prone to acidity and heartburn. Acidos Syrup is best syrup for acidity that controls the excessive acid formation. This Acidos Syrup works by decreasing the amount of acid that your stomach makes. It relieves symptoms such as cough, stomach pain, heartburn, and difficulty in swallowing.

Kudos Ayurveda has formulated best ayurvedic medicine for gastric and acidity that help balance stomach acid and digestion naturally. Enriched with special healing medicinal plants & ingredients, Acidos Syrup benefits are innumerous. This ayurvedic syrup for acidity improves the digestive power of conversion of food to chyle and thus helps in reducing excessive flatulence.



Get lasting relief from the dual menaces of acidity and gas with Acidos Syrup. This ayurvedic medicine for acidity and gastritis works on acidity internally.

This hyper acidity syrup reduces the intensity of heartburn or reflux esophagitis by maintaining the gastric acid secretions. This indigestion medicine neutralizes gastric secretions, tones digestive system.

This acidity syrup improves body defense system to fight against the various causative factors and augments the healing mechanism.

This hyper-acidity syrup protects gastric mucosa regulating gastric secretions. Nutrients present in Acidos Syrup act synergistically and comprehensively at the root cause level of peptic ulcer, reducing increased gastric acid secretion which is the main cause for peptic ulcer.

Vital herbs incorporated in Acidos Syrup make it the ayurvedic medicine for acidity.

This syrup for acidity works on ulcers of the stomach and intestines preventing them from coming back after they have healed.

While looking for digestive tonics, look for Kudos Ayurveda products that ensure appropriate relief without side effects. Kudos Ayurveda offers you an online platform for all your ayurvedic medicinal needs.


Take two tbsp three times a day before taking your meal or as directed.


PACKING: 250 ml




Que1- Is it for hyper acidity?

Ans- Acidos is helpful in hyper acidity.

Que2- Is it safe?

Ans- Yes, Acidos capsule/syrup is absolutely safe.

Que3- What ingredients are used?

Ans- It is an ayurvedic formulation with combination of Nagar motha, Vidanga, Tvak patra, Jatamansi, Arni, shankh bhasma and many more.

Que4- Why acidity happens?

Ans- We have a smooth mucus membrane which is the lining of stomach. When excess of enzymes and acids fall on this membrane weakens and acidity problem is seen.

Que5- Does it acts like Proton pump inhibitor?

Ans- No, it acts on the root cause and prepares mucous membrane stronger so that excess acid production doesn’t harm mucous membrane.  



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