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IME-9 Power Tablets



IME9 Power Tablets stand as a groundbreaking Ayurvedic diabetes medicine, a product developed by C.C.R.A.S. under the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India. This remarkable formulation not only addresses escalating sugar levels but also serves as a preventive measure against long-term complications associated with Madhumeh, a metabolic disease causing high blood sugar levels.

Madhumeh manifests in two types – Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is considered an autoimmune condition where the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys the beta cells in the pancreas. On the other hand, Type 2 begins with resistance leading to elevated blood sugar levels.

When blood sugar exceeds normal limits, it can inflict severe damage on nerves, eyes, kidneys, and other organs. Kidneys, in particular, can be seriously affected, potentially leading to kidney failure. High blood sugar damages tiny blood vessels responsible for filtering waste, hindering the kidneys’ functionality and, in severe cases, causing failure.

However, Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicine provides a natural means to control rising blood sugar levels. IME9 Tablets, recognized as the best Ayurvedic medicine for sugar control in India, present a unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs with proven efficacy in managing Madhumeh. This sugar control medicine consists of a synergistic combination of five vital herbs – Karela, Jamun, Amra, Gudmar, and Shilajeet. These herbs work by stimulating beta cells, reducing peripheral resistance, and delaying glucose absorption from the intestines.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes:

  • IME9 Tablets are a result of extensive research by C.C.R.A.S., with clinical trials involving over 800 patients.
  • Prescribed by many doctors, this scientifically validated formulation has no side effects.
  • The synergy of Karela, Jamun, Amra, Gudmar, and Shilajeet regenerates beta cells, releasing more hormones and exhibiting hypoglycemic effects.
  • Shilajeet, a key ingredient, helps reduce free-radical damage to beta cells, making it the best IME-9 kit for high blood sugar.
  • This Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicine prevents a surge in sugar levels after meals, effectively maintaining control.

Directions for Use:

Consume two tablets three times a day, half an hour before meals, or as directed by a physician, with no reported side effects.


  • What is in it?
    IME-9 is an herbal supplement kit designed to manage blood sugar levels and promote overall health.
  • What are the ingredients in it?
    IME-9 contains natural ingredients like bitter gourd, giloy, neem, and methi known for their anti-diabetic properties.
  • How should I take IME-9 tablets?
    IME-9 kit should be taken as per the instructions provided by your doctor or as mentioned on the package.
  • How long does it take to see results?
    Results may vary, but regular use of IME-9 tablets can help manage blood sugar levels and improve overall health.
  • Are there any side effects?
    No, the IME-9 kit is made with natural ingredients and has no side effects when taken as recommended.
  • Is it suitable for all ages?
    IME-9 kit is suitable for adults of all ages looking for a natural solution to manage blood sugar levels, but consulting a doctor before use is recommended.


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