Tulsi Amrit 51ml
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Tulsi Amrit 51ml

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Tulsi Amrit (drops) by Kudos Ayurveda is one of the most authentic and effective Tulsi drops available in the market...

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Tulsi Amrit (drops) by Kudos Ayurveda is one of the most authentic and effective Tulsi drops available in the market today. It effectively boosts immunity and shields from cough, cold and fever.

Ocimum sanctum or Tulsi plant is a venerated plant. A Hindu household is considered incomplete if it doesn't have a Tulsi plant in the courtyard. Basil most popularly known as Tulsi has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda for its diverse healing properties. The leaves strengthen the stomach and help in respiratory diseases. Tulsi leaves show a positive impact in reducing cholesterol level in the body thereby helpful in preventing cardiac diseases. It acts as a tonic for the heart. It is known to strengthen immunity and is anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-viral. Owing to its properties, Tulsi can also help in variety of skin and hair issues.

The anti-aging properties of Basil are not unknown. The excellent skin cleanser is perfect for those with oily skin. It also helps remove dirt and impurities that clog pores. Tulsi leaves have hypoglycemia properties also. It is helpful to Diabetes patients as well.

Kudos Tulsi Amrit drops is made from pure extract of these 5 different types of Tulsi leaves i.e. Rama Tulsi, Shyam Tulsi, Shukla Tulsi, Van Tulsi and Rosary Tulsi. It takes 500 Tulsi leaves to make two drops of Tulsi Amrit. Because of its herbal and medicinal benefits, it’s recommended to start your daily routine with Tulsi Amrit. The essential oils present in Tulsi drops helps in relieving number of ailments as we have talked above. Also, the intake of Tulsi Amrit is the best way of intestine cleansing. It is helpful in removing the impurities of blood and increases the immunity of human body.

Packed with strong, effective anti-inflammatory properties, these ayurvedic Tulsi drops helps in common cold, cough and other respiratory diseases. It also has the ability to help fight free radical damage. It helps manage depression and anxiety too while reducing stress.



Kudos Tulsi Amrit improves blood formulation.

Tulsi is known for its medicinal value since ancient times. They are the best Tulsi drops which boosts immunity level.

Tulsi Amrit fights against various infections and fever conditions.

Also termed as Tulsi ayurvedic tonic, it has therapeutic qualities which helps in relieving from a headache, sore throat, cold, cough, flu and chest congestion.

Tulsi drops for immunity acts as a detoxifying, cleansing and purifying agent. It promotes healthy metabolism.

These Tulsi drops for skin contain anti-viral, anti-allergic and anti-disease properties.

Miraculously, Tulsi Amrit drops is helpful in gout and joints related troubles.

The intake of Tulsi Amrit is the best way of intestine cleansing. It removes the impurities of blood and increase the immunity of human body.

It is also helpful in relieving tension and stress.  


Pour two to four drops in a glass of water (add two teaspoonful honey optional) and take it 3 to 4 times a day or as directed by the Physician.


Kudos Ayurveda: With over 100 years of experience in Ayurveda.




FAQQue1 How it boosts immunity?

Ans1 It has vital ingredients i.e. extract of five types of Tulsi which acts directly on t lymphocytes thus increasing the immunity power.

Que2 How to take this?

Ans2 Put 2 to 3 drops in one glass of water and repeat this three to four times a day.

Que3 Is it safe?

Ans3 Yes, it is absolutely safe.

Que4 Can this be given to kids?

Ans4 Yes, it is absolutely safe for kids. In fact it will make them stronger.

Que5 I get cold and cough frequently. Will Tulsi Amrit drops be effective to me?

Ans5 Yes, it will be very effective to you and your frequent cold and cough problem will be solved.

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