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Shade Story Vivid Hue Eye Dust


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Having colored eyes is a popular trend. The color of the eyelashes you choose can greatly affect how they look, whether it’s high fashion or more casual. Typically, bright and bold colors are better for fancy dress, while rich jewel tones and soft shades are more suited for everyday wear. It’s important to consider your own eye color when selecting lash colors.

If the color of your lashes is in the same spectrum as your eye color, it will make your eyes appear brighter and more vibrant. For instance, green lashes will complement green, brown, and hazel eyes, making them look richer and warmer. A contrasting color such as red lashes on blue eyes can make a bold statement, while soft brown shades are universally flattering.

Beauty Relay London introduces Shade Story Vivid Hue Eye Glitter Dust, a fantastic eyelid glitter that adds glitter to your eyelids. It’s a fine, loose pigment or powder that can be applied to both the lower and upper eyelids. The shimmer and matte options give your eyes a graceful touch.

Eye glitter shadow provides long-lasting, tenacious color with a soft, silky texture that dries quickly without creasing. By layering the eyelid glitter, you have the flexibility to create a look that can range from subtle and sophisticated to bold and daring while ensuring that the color lasts for a long time. This blendable eyelid glitter is perfect for adding vibrant color to everyday looks. The formula that is ultra-reflective and metallic produces a spectacular and attention-grabbing sparkle.



  • Eye glitter makeup gives you long-lasting payoff without any cakey or streaky application using the Eye Pigment Tower, a must-have for any glitter enthusiast.
  • Featuring 16 highly-saturated shades, this powder formula contains pearlescent pigments that deliver a dazzling finish, sure to captivate all eyes.
  • Transform your eye area into the perfect blank canvas, as the rich formula prevents creasing, transfer, and smudging. Unleash your inner artist and create a sparkling spectrum of captivating eye looks.
  • Eye glitter makeup is Perfect for parties or the dance floor, this fine, delicate glitter captures the light and illuminates your makeup look with multiple effects. Mix and match any of the 16 shades for a bold and beautiful appearance.


1. Metallic Copper  | 2. Cocoa Glaze  | 3. Golden Dust  | 4. Banarasi Green | 5. Pearly White  | 6. Smoky Strom  | 7. Pink Blush  | 8. Bronzed Bell | 9. Charming Red  | 10. Red Violet  | 11. Orchid  | 12. Plum  | 13. Royal Blue  | 14. Sapphire  | 15. Forest Green  | 16. Pine Green



Just apply Shade Story Vivid Hue Eye Dust Pigment with either a dry or wet brush depending on desired effect using a glitter glue, easy to blend and long-lasting.

FAQs On Eye Glitter

  • Is eye glitter safe to use?

Ans: Eye glitter is safe to use as long as it is specifically designed for use on the eyes and is free from harmful ingredients.

  • Can I use regular glitter on my eyes?

Ans: No, regular glitter is not safe for use on the eyes as it can cause irritation and damage to the delicate eye area.

  • How do I apply eye glitter?

Ans: Eye glitter can be applied with a brush and glitter glue or by using a product that already has a built-in adhesive.

  • Will eye glitter crease or fall off?

Ans: Eye glitter can crease or fall off if not applied correctly or if the product used is not long-lasting. Using a good quality glitter glue and applying it properly can help prevent this.

  • Can I wear eye glitter every day?

Ans: It is safe to wear eye glitter every day as long as the product used is specifically designed for use on the eyes and is free from harmful ingredients. However, it is important to remove all eye makeup at the end of the day to prevent irritation or infection.

  • How do I remove eye glitter?

Ans: Eye glitter can be removed by using a gentle eye makeup remover or by wiping it off gently with a soft cloth or tissue. It is recommended to refrain from rubbing or tugging the sensitive skin around the eyes.

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Banarasi Green, Bronzed Bell, Charming Red, Cocoa Glaze, Forest Green, Golden Dust, Metalic Copper, Orchid, Pearly White, Pine Green, Pink Blush, Plum, Red Violet, Royal Blue, Sapphire, Smoky Storm


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