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Shade Story Tammix Eye Shadow Palette – 45g




Eye shadow palette is a need for everyone who enjoys glamming up their eyes with cosmetics. This gorgeous Shade Story Tammix Eye Shadow Palette,  has a wonderful selection of glittering hues ideal for creating eye-catching looks. This eye shadow palette enables you to create breathtaking eye makeup effortlessly that will turn heads thanks to its high-quality formula and vivid color payoff.

You can create countless eye makeup looks for every occasion with various sparkly colors in this eye shadow palette glitter, including hues like gold, silver, bronze, and more. The shimmery colors are finely milled and blend easily, leaving a gorgeous metallic finish that catches the light and gives your eyes a mesmerizing sheen.

This eye shadow palette glitter reasonable pricing is one of its finest qualities since it makes it available to beauty fans of all financial backgrounds. It provides excellent value for the money because it has many products and a variety of sparkly colors that let you try out new styles without going over budget.

Due to its wide selection of sparkly colors ideal for Indian skin tones, this best eyeshadow palette india is also ideal for individuals searching for the best eyeshadow palette India. You may create amazing eye looks that compliment your skin tone and highlight your features using rich, brilliant colors since they are highly pigmented and blend easily.

Finally, for anyone who likes sparkly eye makeup looks, the Shade Story Tammix EyeShadow Palette is a wonderful pick. This eye shadow palette is ideal for creating amazing eye makeup looks for any event because of its high-quality formula, reasonable pricing, and stunning sparkly colors. This eye shadow palette will undoubtedly become a mainstay in your makeup collection, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional artist.


Diverse color range: Eye palettes typically offer a wide variety of colors, allowing for endless creativity in creating different eye makeup looks. From neutrals to bolds, shimmers to mattes, and everything in between, the best eyeshadow palette india should have a diverse color range to cater to different preferences and styles.

High pigmentation: Pigmentation is crucial in an eye shadow palette, as it determines the intensity and vibrancy of the colors. A high-quality eye palette should have highly pigmented shades that deliver rich and vibrant colors with just a single swipe, allowing for easy and buildable application.

Long-lasting formula: Eye makeup needs to last throughout the day or night without creasing, fading, or smudging. A good eye shadow palette should have a long-lasting formula that stays put for hours without any touch-ups, ensuring that your eye makeup looks fresh and flawless all day long.

Blendability: Blending is a key aspect of eye makeup application, as it helps to create seamless transitions between different shades and achieve a professional-looking finish. An eye palette with a blendable formula allows for easy and smooth blending, helping you achieve a seamless and well-blended eye look.

Versatility: A good eye shadow palette should be versatile, offering a range of shades that can be used for different eye makeup looks, from natural and everyday looks to dramatic and bold looks. Versatility allows for creativity and experimentation, giving you the flexibility to create various eye makeup styles.

Packaging: The packaging of an eye palette should be sturdy, functional, and visually appealing. It should have a well-designed layout that makes it easy to access and use the shades, along with a mirror for on-the-go application. The packaging should also protect the eye shadows from damage and keep them safe and secure.


Beet root Extract : protects skin from aging symptoms including wrinkles, fine lines, and dark bags under the eyes.

Indigo Extract : Has skin-beneficial characteristics that include smoothing and overall beneficial effects.

Shea Butter : Enhances the look of wrinkles around the eyes and stimulates the synthesis of collagen to make the skin firmer.

Vitamin E : Renowned for promoting eye health; excellent antioxidant; guards against cell deterioration

Vitamin C : Is a potent antioxidant that can save your eyes from harmful free radicals.


Using deeper tones in the crease and softer tones in the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes, effortlessly blend the shadows together. Create eyeliner looks on the lid or down the lower lash line with a smudge or flat eyeshadow brush.


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