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Shade Story Poison Apple Eye Shadow Palette – 45g




Eye shadow palette, Every beauty fan will like the Shade Story Poison Apple Eye Shadow Palette since it is such a beautiful invention. A range of mesmerizing colors has been carefully chosen for this eye shadow palette, which is offered by Beauty Relay London and is ideal for producing stunning eye makeup looks.

The best eye shadow palette One of the leading manufacturers of eyeshadow palettes has created this palette with extreme care. There are countless creative options with the palette’s matte, shimmer, and glitter finishes. This best eyeshadow palette glitter colors stand out because they produce a sparkling, radiant impact that takes any eye makeup look to a whole new level.

The elegant and small packaging of the Shade Story Poison Apple Eye Shadow Palette makes it ideal for both travel and daily usage. The eyeshadows have excellent pigmentation and blend-ability, allowing for a flawless application with little fallout. These eye shadow palette long-lasting formula guarantees that your eye makeup will look vivid and fresh all day or all night.

This best eyeshadow palette glitter is essential to your collection, whether you’re a cosmetic hobbyist or an expert. Rich neutrals, brilliant jewel tones, and gorgeous glitter colors make up the diverse color palette, which can be used to create a variety of eye makeup looks for every situation.

Utilize the Eye Shadow Palette by Shade Story’s Enchantment, then let your creativity go wild to create the most alluring eye makeup styles. This eyeshadow palette brands is undoubtedly one of the greatest eye shadow palette on the market because of its superb formula, gorgeous hues, and practical packaging. With the help of this magnificent palette, available from Beauty Relay London, improve your eye makeup game and get ready to dazzle everyone with your mesmerizing eye looks.


Color Selection: Eye shadow palette can come in various colors, providing countless options for designing different eye makeup looks. A wide variety of color options, from neutral colors for everyday use to bright and colorful tones for special events, is an important component of an eye shadow palette.

Finishes: The best eyeshadow palette glitter frequently comes in various finishes, including matte, shimmer, metallic, satin, and glitter, giving users options for varied intensity levels of shine, sparkle, and depth in their eye makeup. This enables flexibility in the design of various textures and effects for the eyelids.

Pigmentation: Excellent pigmentation, which refers to the intensity and richness of color, is a characteristic of the best eye shadow palette. With their simple application and buildable coverage, highly pigmented eyeshadows provide eye makeup looks that are colorful and striking.

Blendability: Blendability is an important aspect of eye shadows because it affects how easily the colors may be combined to produce a flawless and coordinated eye makeup look. Shades in an excellent eye makeup palette should merge seamlessly, enabling seamless changes between colors and a flawless finish.

Longevity: Long-lasting eyeshadows are necessary to ensure your eye makeup doesn’t crease, fade, or smear throughout the day. A quality eye makeup palette needs to have a long-lasting formula that keeps its color and staying power even in muggy or greasy environments.

Packaging: An eye shadow palette should be functional and user-friendly, with a hard case or compact form that safeguards the eyeshadows while facilitating their usage and storage. A mirror and brush may also be included in certain eye makeup palettes for easy application while on the road.


Shea Butter : An excellent cosmetic element for softening skin, with anti-inflammatory and healing effects, that tones and conditions the skin around your eyes.

Vitamin E : Supports the health of the eyes and skin and is helpful in battling free radicals brought on by food metabolism and environmental pollutants.

Vitamin C : Reduces skin pigmentation, hydrates the skin, increases skin elasticity, and avoids fine lines and wrinkles.

Almond Oil : lowers the appearance of scars, helps cure sun damage, and minimizes puffiness and under-eye circles.

Clove Oil : Decreases under-eye skin sagging and delays the development of fine lines and wrinkles


Blend the shadows seamlessly together, using darker shades in the crease, and lighter hues along the brow bone and inner corners of the eye.

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