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Shade Story Glitz Eye Liner


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Looking for the perfect liquid eyeliner to complete your party or special occasion look? Look no further than Shade Story Glitz Eye Liner from Beauty Relay London.

With the best eyeliner, you can step into the world of glamour and glitz with ease. This long-lasting, waterproof, and smudge-proof eyeliner comes in 15 glittery shades, each offering a rich and dazzling finish that will have all eyes on you.

But it’s not just the glitter that makes Shade Story Glitz Eye Liner stand out. This liquid eyeliner is incorrigibly pigmented, so you can be sure it will last all night without fading or smudging. And with its water and sweat-resistant formula, you can dance the night away without worrying about your eyeliner glitter coming off.

To ensure precise and easy application, best eyeliner comes with a fine-tipped brush applicator. The brush is designed to give you a smooth and even application of the glittery liner, so you can create any look you desire – from bold and dramatic to subtle and sophisticated.

With liquid eyeliner, you can dramatically enhance and define your eyes, leaving you with a look that is sure to turn heads. So whether you’re heading to a party, a concert, or just want to add a touch of glamour to your everyday look, Shade Story Glitz Eye Liner is the perfect choice.

Beauty Relay London gives you the best and affordable eye liner price without compromising any quality



  • Best eyeliner is the perfect choice for those who want a well-defined eye look with a long-lasting formula and ultra-fine shimmer.
  • liquid eyeliner’s  non-flaky and richly pigmented formula glides on effortlessly, making it easy for you to create dazzling eye makeup looks. With fifteen shades available, this glitter eye liner is versatile enough to match all occasions and outfits in your wardrobe.
  • Each liquid eyeliner delivers the deepest pigment with the smoothest glide, giving your eyes a soft, pearlescent finish that makes them twinkle.
  • Its superfine glitter in a colored base dries down quickly, ensuring that the formula remains smudge-proof all day long. The fine-tipped applicator allows you to draw a thin or thick line with precision for a flawless look.
  • Made with high-quality ingredients, Shade Story Glitz Eye Liner is infused with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Almond Oil, and Olive Oil. Olive Oil moisturizes your skin, leaving it soft, while Vitamin E helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes.
  • This long-wearing and highly pigmented eyeliner glitter lasts up to 24 hours, making it perfect for all-day wear.
  • The Glitz Eye Liner’s pro applicator comes with an ultra-fine bristle brush for professional application. It is water-proof, smudge-proof, and life-proof, making it the ideal eyeliner for everyday use.
  • Whether you want to draw a single stroke of intense color or create a more intricate look, Shade Story Glitz Eye Liner delivers the deepest pigment with the smoothest glide for you, every day.


1. Pure Red  | 2. Glitery Gold  | 3. Pure Silver  | 4. Dull Gold  | 5. Greenish Gold  | 6. Fern Green  | 7. Sunrise Blue  | 8. Bronze Shine  | 9. Ocean Blue  | 10. Festive Green  | 11. Pretty Violet  | 12. Charcoal Grey  | 13. Metallic Brown  | 14. Metallic Green  | 15. Metallic Black


Just shake the Glitz Eye Liner well before use. Sweep the brush applicator across your lash line for a precise liner look. For a more intense look, re-apply and slay the day.

FAQs On Liquid Eyeliner

  • How do I apply liquid eyeliner?

Ans: Apply liquid eyeliner by starting at the inner corner of your upper eyelid and drawing a line as close to your lash line as possible. Make the line thicker towards the outer corner of your eye and create a wing if desired.

  • How do I prevent liquid eyeliner from smudging?

Ans: To prevent smudging, use a waterproof liquid eyeliner and allow it to dry completely before opening your eyes. You can also set the eyeliner with a translucent powder.

  • How long does liquid eyeliner last?

Ans: Liquid eyeliner typically lasts for 3-6 months once opened. However, this may vary depending on the brand and how often it is used.

  • How do I remove liquid eyeliner?

Ans: To remove liquid eyeliner, use an oil-based makeup remover or micellar water. Apply the remover to a cotton pad and gently swipe over your eyelid, being careful not to tug or pull on the delicate skin.

  • Can I use liquid eyeliner on my waterline?

Ans: It is not recommended to use liquid eyeliner on your waterline as it can cause irritation and discomfort. Instead, use a pencil eyeliner specifically designed for the waterline.

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Bronze Shine, Charcoal Grey, Dull Gold, Fern Green, Festive Green, Glitery Gold, Greenish Gold, Metallic Black, Metallic Brown, Metallic Green, Ocean Blue, Pretty Violet, Pure Red, Pure Silver, Sunrise Blue


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