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Shade Story Eye Flash Liner


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Your eyes are often referred to as the “window to your soul,” and they play a crucial role in completing your overall appearance. A well-accentuated set of eyes can make you look stunning, confident, and attractive. With the Shade Story Eye Flash Waterproof Eye Liner from Beauty Relay, you can bid farewell to the hassle of messy eyeliner and embrace the latest trend in eye makeup.

This waterproof liquid eyeliner is a game-changer in the world of makeup, featuring a long-wearing and highly pigmented formula that comes with an ultra-fine bristle brush for professional application. The brush is designed to deliver precise lines, and it glides smoothly across your lids without any smudging or transferring. Whether you want to create a subtle daytime look or a bold, dramatic look for a night out, this eyeliner has got you covered.

But this product is not just about beauty; it’s also about skincare. The Shade Story Eye Flash Waterproof Eye Liner is enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Castor Oil, and Apricot Oil, providing multiple benefits for your skin. Vitamin C helps heal damaged skin, fends off the signs of aging, and reduces wrinkles, while Castor Oil helps minimize fine lines around your eyes. Apricot Oil is rich in antioxidants that help nourish and protect your skin, keeping it healthy and glowing.

This eyeliner is not just waterproof and smudge-proof; it’s also super long-lasting, ensuring that your eye makeup stays put all day long. You can create any look you desire with this eyeliner, from subtle fine lines to bold, dramatic looks that make a statement. The six different matte shades offered allow you to experiment with your style and create different looks for various occasions and needs.


Shade Story Eye Flash Liner is a versatile and long-lasting eyeliner that ensures a precise and flawless look.

One of its major advantages is its quick-drying formula that is suitable for sensitive eyes, making it an ideal choice for those who want to avoid any potential irritation.

The flexible brush tip allows for an ultra-thin, ultra-exact line that glides smoothly, delivering a deep pigment in one stroke. The liner is available in six shades, ranging from classic Jet Black and Cocoa Brown to bold hues like Navy Blue, Pine Green, Dark Maroon, and Royal Blue.

The Eye Flash Liner’s high-quality formula is waterproof and smudge-proof, ensuring that it stays in place all day long without smudging, cracking, flaking, or peeling.

The fine-tipped applicator allows you to create both thin and thick lines with ease, making it perfect for any occasion. The Eye Flash Liner is a matte eyeliner that can give you a timeless black winged liner or an eye-opening, different color liner.

Its pro applicator provides the deepest pigment with the smoothest glide, making it an excellent choice for everyday use. This Eye Flash Liner is the perfect solution for those who want a long-wearing, highly pigmented eyeliner that delivers an intense, even, waterproof color that lasts up to 24 hours.


1. Jet Black | 2. Cocoa Brown | 3. Navy Blue | 4. Pine Green | 5. Dark Maroon | 6. Royal Blue


To apply this Eye Flash Waterproof eyeliner, simply dip the brush attached to the product into the liner. Gently dab the brush on the edge of the container to remove any excess product. Starting from the inner corner of your eye, trace a line along your upper lash line and extend it towards the outer corner. With the fine-tipped brush, you can effortlessly create a dramatic winged look.



What is a smudge proof eyeliner?

Ans: A smudge proof eyeliner is a type of eyeliner that is designed to stay put and resist smudging or smearing throughout the day.

What makes an eyeliner smudge proof?

Ans: Smudge proof eyeliners are formulated with ingredients that help the product adhere to the skin and resist smudging or smearing. They are also designed to dry quickly and set in place for long-lasting wear.

How do I apply smudge proof eyeliner?

Ans: To apply smudge proof eyeliner, simply dip the applicator brush into the product and carefully trace a line along your lash line. You can also create a winged look by extending the line beyond the outer corner of your eye.

Can smudge proof eyeliner be removed easily?

Ans: Smudge proof eyeliner can typically be removed with makeup remover or gentle cleanser. It is important to choose a product that is gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Are smudge proof eyeliners safe for sensitive eyes?

Ans: Many smudge proof eyeliners are formulated to be gentle on sensitive eyes. However, it is important to read the product label and consult with a doctor if you have any concerns or allergies.

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Cocoa Brown, Dark Maroon, Jet Black, Navy Blue, Pine Green, Royal Blue


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