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Shade Story Eye Am Amazing Palette – 45g




Eye shadow palette to improve your cosmetic game is the Shade Story Eye Am Amazing Palette! This gorgeous palette, offered at Kudos, has been expertly crafted with a gorgeous variety of hues that are ideal for creating mesmerizing eye looks. This eye shadow palette is unquestionably a need for every cosmetics fan because of its premium formula and various colors.

The best eye shadow palette gives countless options for creating various eye makeup looks, from natural and everyday to strong and glamorous. It does this by offering a selection of colors that are richly pigmented and blendable. You can create eye looks with depth and complexity using the palette’s mixture of matte, shimmery, and metallic finishes.

Thanks to the best eye shadow palette and amazing endurance, your eye makeup will stay immaculate all day long. These shadows won’t budge, crease, or fade, so you can get gorgeous eye makeup that lasts whether you’re trying for a subtle daytime look or a dramatic night time appearance.

The Amazing Palette offers incredible value for money with its reasonable eye shadow palette price, providing beauty lovers with a high-quality formula and stunning color payoff at a fraction of the cost of other high-end palettes.

The Shade Story Eye Am Amazing Palette is one of the greatest eyeshadow palettes on the market for Indian beauty enthusiasts, providing a wide variety of colors that are ideal for Indian skin tones. This best eyeshadow palette india is certain to become your go-to for creating gorgeous eye makeup looks that will make you feel confident and attractive, whether you’re a beauty expert or a beginner.

In conclusion, the best eye shadow palette for your cosmetic collection is the Shade Story Eye Am Amazing Palette. This best eyeshadow palette india is a cosmetic lover’s dream come true because of its wide color range, long-lasting texture, reasonable pricing, and appropriateness for Indian skin tones.


Versatile color palettes: Eye shadow palette can come in various tones, giving users countless opportunities to create eye makeup looks ranging from subtle and natural to strong and dramatic.

High-quality formula: Eye palettes have high-quality components with rich pigmentation, easy application, and long wear, ensuring the eye makeup remains in place without creasing or fading.

Multiple finishes: Eye palettes frequently combine matte, shimmer, and metallic finishes, allowing you to create eye looks with various sheens and sparkles.

Blendability: The best eyeshadow palette india are made to be easily blended, enabling smooth transitions between various colors and simple blending for an application of eye makeup that looks professional.

Pigment intensity: Eyeshadow compacts come in various pigment intensities, allowing you to customize your desired eye makeup look and add layers of coverage from sheer to intense.

Packaging convenient for travel: Many eye palettes are available in small, lightweight packaging that is perfect for doing makeup while traveling.

Adaptable to various skin tones: The best eye shadow palette frequently contains hues that work well with various skin tones, making them inclusive and adaptable for all beauty enthusiasts.


Shea Butter :Enhances the look of wrinkles around the eyes and stimulates the synthesis of collagen to make the skin around the eyes firmer.

Vitamin C : Is an effective antioxidant that can guard your eyes from harmful free radicals.

Vitamin E : Renowned for promoting eye health; excellent antioxidant; guards against cell deterioration

Lemongrass Oil : Decreases inflammation and moisturizes the skin around the eyes to ease tension and anxiety there.

Jojoba Oil : Has nourishing and regenerating qualities, keeping the eye area’s skin well-nourished and caressed.

Castor Oil : Has nourishing and moisturizing qualities; looks after the general health of your eye and skin

How to Use

Use a medium, flat shadow brush to apply the color to your lids. Your crease and outer corner of your eyes should be painted with the crease color, which is the darkest color in the palette. Apply the base color along the brow bone to complete the appearance.


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