Pimple Care Kit (Kit-1 & Kit-2) - Non-steroidal Ayurveda
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Pimple Care Kit (Kit-1 & Kit-2) - Non-steroidal Ayurveda

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Each one of us irrespective of age or identity looks for clear and glowing skin. For almost all the women,...


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Each one of us irrespective of age or identity looks for clear and glowing skin. For almost all the women, it’s like a challenge to have a natural radiant skin. A face free from any dark spots, hyper-pigmentation or any scar is difficult to be attained.

There are many options available in the market as for skin whitening gels, anti-scar gels that are highly effective. But we provide a complete solution for all your problems that your face needs. Kudos Ayurveda introduces Pimple Care Kit that repairs revitalizes and renews skin making you look young, beautiful and spotless.


This Pimple Care Kit has Dr. Pimple Gel which is an Ayurvedic gel for acne and pimples. It works on the reduction of melanin pigment with the help of the power of essential oils. Dr. Pimple Gel is an all type skin gel which has an innovative formula that combat acne-pimples, blemishes, black heads and excess sebum secretion. We can call it a multipurpose gel with all skin solutions under one roof. Also, the kit comprises of Kudos Skar Vanish Gel which helps to reduce acne marks, hyper pigmentation, blemishes, removes scars, marks, dark circles & burn scars. So, you get solutions for both your pimples and scars hand in hand.

And if you are worried for your dark skin tone, then again we have a solution for that too!


Kudos Ayurveda has introduced another kit which has Dr. Gori Gori Gel in it. The salient feature of this kit is that you tend to get triple benefits of skin brightening, whitening and lightening all together. Dr. Gori Gori Kit by Kudos Ayurveda is the best skin glow & lightening kit .This formulation is researched by a renowned Govt. Institute CSIR-NEIST. Dr. Gori Gori Gel which is skin lightening gel, works on the reduction of melanin pigment with the help of the power of essential oils. Dr Gori Gori Gel makes your skin glow, removes anti-acne marks, blemishes, pigmentation.


Dr. Pimple Gel present in Pimple Care Kit minimizes the look of pimples while simultaneously repairing the skin and its internal tissues to prevent abnormal scarring.

The Skar Vanish Gel present in Pimple removal kit gently repairs marks from burns, deep scars from surgery or any other blemishes. This pimple care kit heals stretch marks from pregnancy growth spurts and weight gain, as well.

Dr. Pimple Gel in this kit helps fade away the appearance of pimples by promoting elasticity, providing moisture, and smoothing skin texture.

While searching for remedy for pimples, you will find the best solution for pimple free glowing skin.

It is the best ayurvedic pimple removal kit which rejuvenates the skin delivering a balanced mix of essential anti-oxidants and effectively combating free radicals how to prevent growth of acne.

This Pimple care Kit for all skin types unblocks pores, reduce inflammation and help fade post-break-out discoloration.

This ayurvedic kit for pimples and acne on face exhibits superior anti-inflammatory activity to combat the irritation associated with cell and bacterial debris accumulation.

Dr. Gori Gori Gel present in the Pimple care Kit (kit-2) helps clear up blemishes, pimple marks and promote pore less, flawless skin-without flakiness or dryness.

Dr. Gori Gori Gel is a unique Ayurvedic formulation researched by CSIR-NEIST, an effective remedy for skin lightening. It contains essential oils that make your skin glow naturally.


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