Neem Aloevera Facewash- Complete Face Care
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Neem Aloevera Facewash- Complete Face Care

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Our face is our identity. And it’s difficult to bear even a small mark on it. The face skin is...

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Our face is our identity. And it’s difficult to bear even a small mark on it. The face skin is the most sensitive of all and requires extra pamperness and care because it’s exposed to sun rays, dirt and pollution every day. And when you are a working person, your skin gets tired as it under goes lot of stress and hard work too. In such a situation, you need to make a facial cleansing routine for your face that keeps it fresh and updated.

Don't settle for just plain cleansing when you can pamper your skin daily with the best of everything. What best can happen when you have natural ingredients to treat your skin. Kudos has come up with a solution for your clear skin. Neem Aloevera face wash has many cleansing properties along with many other benefits. It removes daily impurities like dirt, oil and pollution with which we are most affected. It cleans your skin thoroughly inside out.

Say goodbye to skin dullness! How? Let’s do it with Kudos Neem Aloevera face wash.

It is enriched with bio active ingredients such as Neem, Aloevera, Pudina, Nimbu, Jaiphal and many more. This luxurious formulation of the foaming face wash is created to gently dissolve and wash away the impurities, dead cells and makeup leaving behind soft, smooth and sparkling skin. Infused with natural ingredients, the hydrating goodness of Aloevera and the anti-aging properties of Neem, it also helps nourish the skin, fade blemishes, remove unwanted tan and even out the complexion. Neem is known to have to protect skin from UV rays, pollution and other environmental factors. Neem is known source for eliminating problems inducing bacteria.



This best skin care face wash is powered by Neem and Aloe Vera Extract – both naturally rich with skin loving goodness.

Neem Aloevera face wash is a deep-clean, high-impact face wash gel that revitalize your skin making it look younger and smoother.

Not only for women, but also it works wonders on men with oily skin. The natural ingredients in this Neem face wash for men help prevent skin concerns like pimples, acne and blackheads.

This oil removing face wash controls excess oil secretion and balances the moisture content.

Neem Aloevera Facewash is the best facewash for oily skin because it maintains ideal pH making the skin healthy, radiant & nourished.

This anti-pollution facewash fights bacteria & harsh effects of pollution.

With Aloevera benefits, this moisturizing facewash is the most effective way to get radiant and flawless skin. This is the best solution to a spotless and fairer skin.

It removes pollution from deep pores within the skin and gives an oil free glow after every time you wash.

This oil remover face wash reduces the size of your pores and detoxifies by removing the buildup of chemicals that cause premature aging.



Treat your skin with Neem and Aloevera for dark spots, acne, & oil control. Gently massage appropriate amount of the Neem Aloevera face wash on your face and rinse with water. Use daily for best results. You may use it twice daily.

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Que1 Is it helpful as a preventive measure in acne? 

Ans1 Yes, it is helps in preventing acne.

Que2 Is it good for daily use?

Ans2 Yes, it is useful for daily use.

Que3 Is it safe?

Ans3 Yes, it is absolutely safe.

Que4 I am 14 yrs old. Can I use this facewash?

Ans4 Yes, this facewash can be used by any age group and gender.

Que5 Is it herbal?

An5 Yes, it is made up of herbs and completely safe for all skin types.

Packing: 120ml

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