Skar Vanish Kit- Scar Pigmentation Kit (3 Months Pack)
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Skar Vanish Kit- Scar Pigmentation Kit (3 Months Pack)

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Skin is a seamless organ; just one small tear can make a big difference in how it looks. Scar is...

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Skin is a seamless organ; just one small tear can make a big difference in how it looks. Scar is a mark left on the skin or within body tissues where a wound, burn or sore has not healed completely.

No girl can afford any type of scar on her face as they disturb the appearance of the face. Girls get worried with such marks easily which creates darker patches on your skin. These patches result from excess melanin production, which can be caused by sun damage or any hormone fluctuations. Common causes of scars may include injury, surgery or any infection. As scar tissue begins to form, it may appear red, raised, and hard, but over time it fades, flattens, and softens.

But, no need to worry anymore! You have solution in your hands i.e. Skar Vanish Gel. This ayurvedic scar removal gel is herbal, Human Clinical Trial and is 100% Safe. It is a pimple scar removal Kit which is highly effective. This Scar removal gel repairs, revitalizes and renews skin and makes one look young, beautiful and spotless. It is the best ayurvedic scar removal gel which helps to reduce acne marks, hyper pigmentation, blemishes, removes scars, marks, dark circles & burn scars.

There are many types of pimple scars, acne marks which makes skin look ugly. Any scar on face or skin doesn’t look good. We make every possible effort to undo the effect of acne scars on our skin. People search for how to remove marks on skin like hyper-pigmentation marks, burn marks, or some acne marks. Out of all the products, Kudos Skar Vanish Gel reviews are the best.



Skar Vanish Kit helps fade away the appearance of scars by promoting elasticity, providing moisture, and smoothing skin texture.

Kudos Skar Vanish Gel is the fastest and most effective stretch mark removal gel over the counter scar removal treatment available. 

This gel for scar removal is proven to help flatten, soften, and fade scars by hydrating scar tissue for a beautiful finish.

The Skar Gel is made from natural and gentle ingredients that have been clinically proven to work on old & new scars resulting from surgery, trauma, c-section, burns, cosmetic procedures, acne, stretch marks, and more.

This acne care gel minimizes the look of scars while simultaneously repairing the skin and its internal tissues to prevent abnormal scarring.

This is the best ayurvedic gel for acne which won’t irritate your skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and conditioned.

This anti acne scar removal gel repairs marks from burns, deep scars from surgery or any other blemishes. This acne scar removal kit heals stretch marks from pregnancy growth spurts and weight gain, as well.

Sun light has no effect after application. 

Skar Vanish Kit is herbal, Human Trial and is 100% safe.


Directions for Use:

Skar Vanish Step 1- Apply Skar Vanish Step 1 where ever you have marks or scars and slightly massage.

Skar Vanish Step 2- Half an hour after applying Step-1, apply Skar Vanish Step 2 where ever you have marks or scars and slightly massage.

Skar Vanish Step 3- Half an hour after applying Step-2, apply Skar Vanish Step 3 where ever you have marks or scars and slightly massage.

Kudos Ayurveda: With over 100 years of Ayurveda experience.


What is in the Kit:

SKAR VANISH GEL  (RS. 900.00 X 3)  =   RS. 2700/- {1 TUBE = 100 GM}

GLOW SKIN CAPSULES              =   RS: 1500/- (1 BOTTLE = 60 CAPSULES)




Que1 I have post acne scars. Is it effective for me?

Ans1 Yes, this gel is very effective in post acne scars.

Que2 Is it helpful in pigmentation, dark circles as well?

Ans2 Yes, it is very effective in both?

Que3 What do you mean by Human Clinical Trial?

Ans3 Human Clinical Trail means when a product is tested on patients and only after good results and confidence,  it is given to other patients.  

Que4 Is it safe?

Ans4 Yes, it is absolutely safe without any side effects. It doesn’t have any steroids.

Que5 Can I go in sunlight after applying Skar Vanish?

Ans5 Yes, you can freely go in sunlight after applying Skar Vanish.

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