Aloevera Face & Body Gel
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Aloevera Face & Body Gel -Complete Skin Therapy

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Aloevera is no stranger in the skincare world. Kudos Aloevera Face & Body Gel is a versatile product for skin...


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Aloevera is no stranger in the skincare world. Kudos Aloevera Face & Body Gel is a versatile product for skin that pampers skin with healthy vitamins and nutrients.

There are many ways to look young but the best way to look young is to follow a healthy skin regime. Develop it now and feel the difference. Aloevera is the only ingredient that offers multiple-benefits. It tells you how to fight acne and fade blemishes. It governs how to help with the signs of ageing. Aloevera face and body gel is an anti-aging formula that removes dark circles and puffiness.

Aloevera Gel is perhaps one of the most widely used herbal remedies for topical skin conditions. Kudos brings you the best ayurvedic remedy for glowing skin. Kudos Aloevera face and body Gel is the best face anti-aging gel which heals your skin from all types of problems. If you’re thinking how to fight your skin problems, then trust Kudos Ayurveda and its aloevera gel for fairness that benefits you all around.



Kudos Aloevera face and Body Gel helps to stop excess oil secretion, and prevents fungal and bacterial growth, sunburn tanning and pigmentation.

Aloevera face and body gel has Anti Oxidant, Anti infective and moisturizing properties.

It gently cleans your skin makes your skin fresh and lively. The aloevera gel gently detoxifies the skin from within resulting in effective glow on skin.

This multi-purpose natural Aloevera Gel can be used on both face and body. No need to buy different products.

Make skin care with Aloevera easy and beneficial. Kudos Aloevera face and body gel is good for healing acne, black spots and blackheads.

This versatile Aloevera Gel can also be used on the hair for dandruff by rubbing it into your hair and scalp.

Aloevera Face & Body Gel is a gentle yet effective product. Make it a part of your daily skin care regime and get that flawless healthy skin that glows from within.

Aloevera Gel for skin is a natural face, body and hair booster.

Aloevera anti-aging gel is useful in rejuvenating, nourishing, beautifying and glorifying skin, helps in retaining healthy skin.

Acne marks removal gel is used to heal burn marks, acne marks and melasma. It prevents dryness of skin.



Apply a little quantity of aloevera gel on face and body two times a day after bath. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Do not use around eyes. This multi-purpose aloevera gel is for external use only.


PACKING: 100 g | 200 g, Each 10 mg

NET WEIGHT: 118 g | 230 g



Que1- Will my skin glow by using Aloevera Face and Body gel?

Ans- Yes by using this gel your skin will detoxify and will glow.

Que2- I have open-pores problems. Does Aloevera gel will help in that?

Ans- Yes, Aloevera has mannans anthraquinone which helps in closing open-pores.

Que3- Is it safe? It will not cause any skin allergy?

Ans- Yes, it is absolutely safe.

Que4- Is it natural?

Ans- Yes, it is a natural product.

Que5- My skin in tanned. Does this gel will help?

Ans- Yes, Aloevera Gel will help in detaining of the skin.

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