• TULSI GOLD GREEN TEA (LEMON & GINGER) is rich in natural Vitamins, Minerals & Chlorophyll to keep you healthy & fit.
  • TULSI GOLD GREEN TEA (LEMON & GINGER) is rich source of natural anti-oxidants, which eliminate damaging free radicals from the body.
  • GREEN TEA: Increase immunity as it is a rich source of very powerful natural anti-oxidants. Green Tea became a popular drink world wide because of its immensely powerful health benefits.
  • TULSI: Queen of herbs is well known (Holy Basil) throughout India. It is worshiped as a sacred plant infused with healing power. Recent studies have shown that Tulsi gives significant protection against stress.
  • LEMON : Excellent de-toxifier, improves immunity, good for skin & digestion. Has got refreshing quality.
  • GINGER: Good for lungs & digestive system. Helpful in common cough & cold, improves immunity.

Packing: 2g x 25 Bags


MRP. 175.00
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