Pet King Tablets – Constipation Management
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Pet King Tablets – Constipation Management

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Constipation is a common term which makes everybody uncomfortable. It’s described as difficulty or infrequency in passing feces. It is...

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Constipation is a common term which makes everybody uncomfortable. It’s described as difficulty or infrequency in passing feces. It is generally defined as having less bowel movement per normal per week.

Just like cold and headache, more or less everyone seems affected by constipation at some point of time. Sometimes, it’s easy to get rid of it easily with home remedies and at times, it troubles a lot. You need proper medical treatment for the same. There are many reasons that cause constipation that includes irregular eating habits and timings, consuming lot of junk food, drinking less water, diet modifications and unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal disorders, lack of fiber or fluid in the diet. Basically, the bowel movement slows down in its process and causes Constipation.

Signs and symptoms of constipation may include rectal bleeding and/or anal fissures that are caused by hard or small stools, lower abdominal discomfort, and straining to have a bowel movement. This may result in acute pain and uneasiness. People should start eating fruits and vegetables, exercise and consume less of constipation causing foods like unripe bananas, red meat, and junk food. But there is no need to worry anymore as Kudos Ayurveda brings a unique formulation for all your constipation troubles.

Kudos Pet King Tablets relieve from all the symptoms of constipation, be it acute (recent onset) or chronic (long duration). These tablets are considered as the best ayurvedic medicine for constipation as it helps in relieving from all associated symptoms like rectal bleeding, abdominal pain and cramps, nausea and vomiting, and involuntary loss of weight.


This ayurvedic medicine for chronic constipation moistens and lubricates the stool making it easier to pass.

These constipation pain relief tablets draw fluid into the bowel and soften stools.

These tablets soften the stool by increasing the amount of water secreted into the bowels, making them easier to pass. 

Pet King Tablets are the best ayurvedic medicine for chronic constipation which promotes contraction of the intestines, promoting the movement of stools through the bowel.

This is the best medicine to relieve constipation pain.

This best medicine for constipation stimulates the digestive tract walls, speeding up bowel movements.

Constipation can cause cramps in the abdomen and can make people feel bloated or sick. This chronic constipation medicine relieves you from constipation.



Take one to two tablets at bed time or as directed by physician.


Kudos Ayurveda: With over 100 years of experience in Ayurveda.


PACKING: 120 Tablets, Each 250 mg

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Que1 Is this tablet helpful in piles?

Ans1 Yes, as the main cause of piles is constipation and as the cause will be subsided it will helpful in piles as well.

Que2 Will it be safe to use?

Ans2 Yes, it is absolutely safe. It is ayurvedic medicine.

Que3 When I start taking the Pet King tablets, it will not be habit forming to me?

Ans3 It will be absolutely safe for use and not at all habit forming for you.

Que4 What is the cause of constipation?

Ans4 Sedentary lifestyle, less liquid intake, low fibre diet, no actual exercise all factors invites constipation.

Que5 What are the complications of piles?

Ans5 Honestly, piles is a very dangerous disease as if stay uncured may lead to permanent blockage of intestines. So, it’s best to resolve this problem on time.

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